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Why Boudoir?

Can this change my life?

Boudoir is all about loving yourself & feeling empowered. 

So let's talk misconceptions: 

- Boudoir is for ALL women

- Numbers do NOT define you 

- Sexy is what YOU feel 

- Boudoir does NOT mean being naked, it's about feeling your best & most sexy 

- No experience needed. 

- Women who invest in themselves go further 

- YOU deserve to see yourself as a beautiful, loved & empowered woman! 


Send us an email & we will contact you to chat all about your boudoir questions & needs! 

Love Notes

Testimonials from REAL women like you & me

Liz M.

If you’ve been waiting around for a sign to book your session with Jo ... this is it!! I had my first shoot with Jo a few days ago. Holy smokes she’s amazing!! She made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. Being half naked in front of her, even! 🤣 I’m in love with how my boudoir photos turned out! I felt sexy and confident. Added bonus - my husband lovessss them. 🙃💕👏🏻 I will definitely be booking future sessions with you! 😘


Ebony S.

Ladies....I am STILL on Cloud 9. My shoot with Jo made me feel so empowered....SOOOO sexy...and so comfortable. Her space is something out of a magazine and her energy is so refreshing. She guided me thru and made me look like someone I don't even recognize! I can't WAIT to shoot with her again, and I HIGHLY suggest if you HAVEN'T booked, you do so! (The specials are GREAT deals so take advantage!) Thanks again Liz for the add and to Jo, thank YOU for blessing us with your TALENT and beautiful SPIRIT ❤ These are more than just pics.....she brought sexy back for me! 


Ashlee S

I came in today for another shoot and I think it’s so true what Jo says about the addiction! Since my first shoot, I have felt so much more confident in myself and so I wanted to try another shoot with the newfound confidence I had! It was so great! I love leaving feeling beautiful in my own skin! And I am so so so excited to see this set ❤️


Jess S.

Some time last summer, for whatever reason,not even sure how...Jo came into my life. I think there may have been an ad, anyhow, a bodiour shoot was something that always intrigued me. I was so nervous, my anxiety was through the roof. When I pulled up I saw that the studio was shared with a good friend of mine. Now idk about you, but I believe in signs. As we got to talking, I told her about my past and how I had wanted to do this for so long even when I was married, but he would have nothing of that. And by the time the relationship was over I had zero self self-worth, no confidence, and quite literally couldn't look myself in the mirror. As a survivor of domestic violence, it takes time to get those things back and I truly believe that Jo, even though her goal is to empower, is also an advocate like myself. Jo is an amazing woman, she makes you feel so comfortable, oh and she's funny too. I'm positive that our paths crossed for a reason. So, here I am 6 months later with much more confidence than the first time, and a pretty cool lady to call my friend 💜


Jessica I.

Yesterday I got to do a model call boudoir session with Jo and let me tell you, it was nothing short of awesome! Going into the shoot I was super nervous because I really had no clue about how to look and actually feel confident and sexy. But Jo totally made all those feelings disappear! She was so open and honest about everything and focused on finding beauty in yourself and having self love. Not only that but she's so laid back and cracks jokes with you and talks with you on a personal level so you feel completely comfortable doing whatever you want to try! If you haven't booked with her yet for any type of session, I strongly recommend you do so soon! You will have a blast and your pictures will be amazing!


Tori S.

I just wanted to take a minute to recommend JoJo photography! I had been wanting to do a shoot like this for a long time and I am so glad I did. I was super nervous and Jo did a great job making me feel relaxed and comfortable. I came in having no ideas and Jo worked with me to make the shoot highlight me as a person. She did an amazing job with my makeup as well. She led me to poses that highlighted me perfectly and the whole time was incredibly supportive. I would shoot with Jo 100 more times. Highly recommend JoJo photography


Bobbie V.

Oh my goodness! I did a model call boudoir session on Saturday with Jo. She is freakin amazing! No joke- I had spent the majority of that morning questioning myself if I even wanted to do this. I mean I have lumps and bumps. I have a belly from being a bigger gal my entire life. Add on two pregnancies back to back and I was trying to talk myself out of my shoot. I’m so glad I did it! Jo made me feel so beautiful and confident. I can’t wait to see my photos. I would recommend Jo to anyone and everyone! She is definitely a woman that can help you to see the beauty in yourself, even when you struggle to 💋


Brooklyn R.

I’ve been wanting to do a boudoir session for awhile now but I never found a company that stood out to me or that wasn’t out of this world expensive! Plus, would I feel comfortable doing so?  

I finally got ahold of Jo Thomas to get a session booked. Everything was so fast and convenient. From the fast replies, to the contract being sweet an simple. I have known Jordi since we were kids so having her be able to be the photographer for this shoot was amazing. The studio is so awesome and so many beautiful props. Everything was in such a professional setting and every second was about making sure your pictures were going to turn out the way you want them to. If you are struggling to take that extra step and actually committing ... just do it! I promise you will absolutely love it! 💕


Donna A.

Ladies, I would never consider myself a knockout and, like most of you, I have rolls, a bit too much fat on my face and mid section, and am a bit insecure of my body.  But you know what....we all have those same “issues.”  But the truth is, we are ALL beautiful, each in our own unique way. Sometimes we simply need to step outside our comfort zones and allow someone else to see us they way God sees beautiful daughters of the King of Kings. I know other photographers who do boudoir sessions but I would never allow anyone to do this, nor would I have considered this. That is, until I met Jo. She’s a talented photographer, but more importantly, she’s an amazing woman and friend. She will make sure your pictures are tasteful and she will make your shoot very comfortable. Do it for yourself. You won’t be sorry.

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